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machine improvisation

AIYA is a sound analysis and improvisation companion, designed for the Chaosflöte and MIDI instruments. It spins textures and melodies that are derived from what I play -- an algorithmic counterpoint based on 10 simple rules. Its simplicity is contrasted with the complexity of its musical output. By developing it, I hope to dissect the often intuitive and somehow opaque nature of decision-making in improvised music. Does the improvising musician also operate on sets of rules, validations, and discouragements, even if consciously, her behavior appears to be natural, intuitive, and human? What kinds of conscious and unconscious decisions does the musician make while improvising? Perhaps, if we attempt to replicate this complex system into electronics, we can come closer to understanding and translating the aesthetic of human improvisation.

other notes: AIYA is derived from the Chinese expression "aiya..!" which expresses a mixture of frustration and surprise. Such is my experience with creating this machine, where unexpected behaviors of the machine continually challenge - and therefore develop - my improvisation practice.

On this page are sample improvisations with chaosflöte and AIYA.

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