2 - chaosflöte (2016-present)

(above left) complete chaosflöte setup (local WiFi hub, wireless microphones, keyswitch motion board (KMB), audio interface, laptop/software - Max & TouchDesigner)
(middle top) chaosflöte board containing three buttons, two switches, one slider, one motion sensor, and one microcontroller that transmit inputs wirelessly to the computer.
(middle bottom) KMB and airflow board on a "standard" Western Boehm C flute.
(right top) airflow board that transmits airflow measurements via wireless microcontroller to computer
(right bottom) KMB on the end of the middle joint of the flute
(above) Chaos Ver. 4 (2018)
(above) bad decisions (2019)
(above) NEXTION (2018)
(above) A->B (2019)