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meditation . dystopia

(2020) intercontinental live coding

meditation.dystopia is a live coding improvisation with Supercollider and MaxMSP, with a mixture of pure sound synthesis and recorded buffer transformations, and a juxtaposition of text and graphic interfaces. The set paints what might be stereotypically considered a "dystopian" landscape that slowly engulfs the auditory field. Yet, measured, droning sirens and the wail of dilapidated flutes amongst whirls of filtered brown noise contribute to an odd stillness among the undercurrent of perceived danger. This stillness lends to a certain reflectiveness, that the whole set feels longer than its 14:41 time frame, as if unwillingly stretched to feel like an unfortunate new reality rather than a passing experiment. Perhaps - and I say this cheekily - it is a subconscious reflection of how the two artists feel about the state of their home country, post-2016, post-"american dream," post-democracy.

This rendition of meditation.dystopia took "place" at the 2020 Network Music Festival.