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box - 3.2 AIYA for MIDI keyboard

improvisation. _tool. _control. _instrument. AIYA eventually evolved into a program that would also output sound back to me, in the form of "voices" that derived their sound from real-time recordings of the connected MIDI keyboard. As seen on the left, this version of

box - 2. chaosflöte overview

am no longer improvising “alone” when I can occupy the sonic landscape with these loops. Below are some example loop configurations I have used: _extendedness. _sonic-identity. _loops. _tool. _instrument. [1] Previous versions of the instrument also

box - 3.6 diaphragma

delineates composition, improvisation, and instrument? _representation. _composition. _improvisation. _representation. _instrument. Control. I revisited my previous implementation of an on/off switch for the improvisation machine and thought about how I could

box - 5. conclusion

improvisation entity. Too little control would cause perhaps too much of a disconnect, to the point where it would no longer be considered an. extension of my body. or even as an. _instrument. In the end, the balance between more or less control was

box - 3.7 aiya meets self

of a hybrid between instrument and improvisation partner. _embodiment. _movement. _space. _agency. _immersion. _extendedness. _transparency. _hybridity. _instrument. _improvisation-partner. _control. _agency. Representation. The motif of reflection appears