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box - 3.2 AIYA for MIDI keyboard

improvisation. _tool. _control. _instrument. AIYA eventually evolved into a program that would also output sound back to me, in the form of "voices" that derived their sound from real-time recordings of the connected MIDI keyboard. As seen on the left, this version of

box - 3.4 bad decisions

performance? Perhaps this goes back to the issue of. trust. and developing a musical history together. as the next section continues. _control. _agency. _tool. _vulnerability. Framing: Between composition and improvisation. On the one hand, the precomposed

box - 2. chaosflöte overview

am no longer improvising “alone” when I can occupy the sonic landscape with these loops. Below are some example loop configurations I have used: _extendedness. _sonic-identity. _loops. _tool. _instrument. [1] Previous versions of the instrument also

box - 3.6 diaphragma

bpatcher, ready to be duplicated or reused when needed, making it farily easy to tweak the patch in between performances when needed. _fixed-vs-live. _buffers. _transparency. _control. _improvisation-partner. _tool. _vulnerability. _narrative

box - 1.3 position on key issues

performer interacts with it as if it were a musical agent negotiating the framework described by Lösel. Thus, in this context, the machine achieves perceived agency. _agency. _improvisation-partner. _tool. [1] The societally-trained principle that one should