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Developing a Visual Framework for Musical Improvisation Machines: Investigating Impacts on Human-Machine Interaction, Posthuman Identity, and Performance Narrative

Investigating Impacts on Human-Machine Interaction, Posthuman Identity, and Performance Narrative. Melody Chua. >


The environment of the composition draws a narrative between memory and trauma. (photo: P.A. Balmer). Email. LinkedIn. Facebook. Instagram. YouTube. melo. works of melody chua. home. about. portfolio


Through this, she investigates the impacts visual representations of these machines have on human-machine interaction, perceptions of posthuman identity, and performance narrative.

box - 3.4 bad decisions

On the one hand, the precomposed fixed media helped to drive a consistent narrative of the performance, which might have otherwise been less concretely conveyed with an improvisation alone.

4 - Proposed Research Topic

On an artistic level: What effects does this have on the perceived narrative of the improvisation?

1.1 - Improvisation and immersion

to the. narrative. of the improvisation. . to reacting in the. present. moment of the performance. . but also in relation to what was played in the. past. and what is called for in the developing dramaturgy of the. future.

box - 1.2 core questions + method

- Perceived narrative, composition, and form. - Perceived agency of improvisation machine. 4. Take the feedback I receive into account, revise/alter the improvisation machine. 5. Repeat. _agency. _emancipation. _embodiment. _extendedness.

6 - Connection to Artistic Practice

> Developed an artistic practice of coding/performing with live visuals and examining its impacts on my. relationship to the electronic elements of the performance as well as its impact on the narrative of the work.

box - 1.1 introduction

In an attempt to organize the narrative of the creation of the machine, the left-hand column displays tags of concepts that each paragraph touches upon. Clicking on the tags will reveal a search result of all references of the tag from this thesis.

box - 3.6 diaphragma

I found this obsession over control a bit contradictory or even ironic when juxtaposed with my original narrative intention for the piece: expressing the vulnerability of the breathing issues I had experienced over the course of the previous summer.