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Mirror, MirrOr

(2018) dance performance with motion capture and projection mapping

"Mirror, MirrOr is a dance performance across borders...the interactions between the dancers and the robot enable an embarkation into new worlds. Boundaries seem to be dissolved. Inner feelings are projected outwards, visible and audible to all, and the protagonists lose themselves in new dimensions." - Immersive Arts Space

Using a combination of full-body- and local- motion capture systems at the Immersive Arts Space, the dancers animate 3D avatars and sound spatialized via ambisonics. A combination of projection mapping and the use of transparent screens create a multi-layered environment in which tangible and intangible bodies interact.

Dancers: Giorgia D’Amico, Antonio Moio and Sophie Bertschy
Sound design and programming: Melody Chua (lead) and Eric Larrieux
Scenography: Samuel Herger
Project manager and music: Luca Magni
Visuals: Marion Täschler
Music and choreography: Luca Signoretti.

watch full performance
Generating live visuals and interactive music using motion capture - during a rehearsal of Mirror MirrOr.  (Photo by Martin Fröhlich, ZHdK 2018)