Welcome to my portfolio.
Below you can find:

>descriptions of focus areas within my artistic practice

>specific project examples


>sensor-augmented flute

The chaosflöte combines wireless sensor technology, digital sound processing, and visual programming with the traditional Boehm flute. In facilitating interdisciplinary performances, the chaosflöte challenges the artist to rethink traditional understandings of performance, composition, and improvisation.


>machine improvisation

AIYA is a sound analysis and improvisation companion, designed for the Chaosflöte and MIDI instruments. Echoing George Lewis' question "Why do we want our machines to improvise?" this project is a means for me to reflect upon the transformations of my own improvisation practice and my relationships with new technologies.

immersive installations

>creating interactive spaces

In these installations, I employ touch technology and skeleton/motion detection as windows into an otherwise virtual space. Through these interfaces, the space becomes an extension of the body and one that engages in unspoken, intuitive dialogues with the visitor.

live coding

>intercontinental computer improvisation

Two performers, two computers, two continents, one concert. In ensemble Null-state (duo, melo + Benjamin D. Whiting), we generate complex, improvisatory soundscapes through code in Supercollider and interfaces in MaxMSP, while exploring the performance practice of live-coding over distance.

body sensing

>from pressure-sensitive shoes to full-body motion capture

Documentation of works using the bodily movement to generate live sound and visuals in dance performances and interactive installation settings. Collaborations at/with the Immersive Arts Space Zürich and dancer/choreographer/designer Jaira Peyer.