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next step

(2019) for pressure-sensitive shoes and interactive sounds/visuals

next step (2019) is a short piece for pressure-sensitive shoes (Sounding Feet) and electronics. For many, footsteps are an unavoidable, daily part of one's relationship with the surrounding environment. Through simple moving geometries, this pieces asks one to reimagine the relationship with one's gait. What hidden movements do we ignore, which become amplified under the scope of interactive electronics? How can this inspire us to move in different ways?


Melody Chua - music/programming/visuals
Jaira Peyer - choreography/performance/visuals
Daniel Bisig - pressure-sensitive shoe development

SOUNDING FEET is a programmable, sensor-augmented shoe that opens a new dimension of sound and visual control in dance performance. Developed by Daniel Bisig at the Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology (Zürich), the shoes contain seven, distributed, force resistive sensors in each shoe. These provide high frequency, low-latency transmission of pressure data over OSC, allowing for responsive, nuanced control of performance parameters while remaining versatile in platform support. The development of both the physical shoe technology and the patches utilizing it are done in close collaboration with the dancers themselves, and the project itself causes one to re-evaluate the dancer’s relationship with foot movement, force, and balance. The result is a changed choreography and a unique movement repertoire curated through both the limitations and affordances of the technology.

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