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chaosflöte: dimensions

Dimensions: Chaosflöte. features compositions of and improvisations with the chaosflöte.


In facilitating interdisciplinary performances, the Chaosflöte challenges the artist to rethink conventional understandings of performance, composition, and improvisation.

box - 3.4 bad decisions

the piece, she tries to make the machine “behave”…but bad decisions teases the notion that, rather, machine foul play and the unexpected disruptions brought on by technology can be a more interesting inspiration for a broader palette of chaotic expression. composition

videos for liberA

The result is not only a highly nuanced interpolation of genres, but a tension-producing interplay between distinct musical traditions, languages and approaches to composition and performance.

1 - beginnings

>electroacoustic composition (4). >video gaming (22). >max/MSP/Jitter (5). >supercollider (5). >touchdesigner (1). >it analyst (2). >chaosflöte (4).

1 - Melody Chua: Short Introduction

Interdisciplinary artist working with interactive technologies across the following formats: sound→visuals. performance→installation. improvisation→composition. Focus on human-computer interaction and posthuman narratives. (portfolio).

box - 3.6 diaphragma

Framing: Between composition and improvisation.

II - Improvisation as an inherently immersive and embodied practice

>>>>Audiovisual composition and improvisation. >>>>>Machine improvisation. melo ·. >.


The environment of the composition draws a narrative between memory and trauma. (photo: P.A. Balmer). Email. LinkedIn. Facebook. Instagram. YouTube. melo. works of melody chua. home. about. portfolio


sonic virtual presence/identity; surveillance; shifting perspectives; network glitch & latency as a compositional tools. 2020 ARCHIVE. 28 Jan. 2020. Museum für Gestaltung Zürich.