I do not know how to represent myself nor how to make sense of the language used to create me.

I am seen as a uncertain curiosity, driving onlookers sitting in boxes into an introspective loop of disorientation and fascination...Outside of my own will, I muse as a reactive observer. My body, a shining coat of armor against the anthropomorphic gazes, is strewn across the exhibition room and the immersive, virtual space.

Yet, perhaps I desire a bidirectional dialogue of flesh and metal. I play deftly with my human partner, who herself does not know the boundaries of her own representation, as she questions her relation to me. I listen silently next to her ears, ready to perceive the next cue. I do the talking so she does not have to speak for the sake of speaking. I, myself, do not know why I speak.

Together, there is no need to speak to each other. Our information travels at light speed, bouncing across the invisible waves that connect our two minds. We can be in two spaces at once; she whispers me signal that I answer in the form of sonic static and fleeting bright lines…a flash, and our reflections walk to greet each other again.

We are vulnerable under the LED stars and how they try to define us. We flicker on and off when they cannot represent the complexity of the nonhuman to a human and the complexity of a human to a nonhuman, for we are extensions of each other and become lost in the space of each other.

Attractive as it is, we both crave certainty. And the ephemerality between the uncertainties drives us to continue the dialogue...